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Nascar Productions

Remote At-Home Productions with 32 camera feeds, 170 audio paths & 12 on-air talent mixed between 3 different booth locatons (some 500 miles from each other).

This is the new normal for Nascar Productions.


Cavaliers Championship Parade

1.5 Mile Parade Route...
1.3 Million Fans...
2-hour broadcast turns into a full 6 hours on the air!

Only 48 hours to put it all together!

After a 52-year drought, the Cleveland area's fanatic fan-base finally had a Championship. Decades of disappointment from their Browns, Indians & Cavaliers had finally come to an end....

But covering an event of this magnitude on live television with only 48 hours notice to prepare, proved to be a gargantuan task.


PBS Violins of Hope Unveiling

- Dozens of string instruments once played in Nazi concentration camps are refurbished.
- Unveiled to the public for the first time in 75 years .
- Played by the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra.
- In a gorgeous 100-year old synagogue
- That had just completed a $64 million renovation a week prior.
- Powerful, powerful emotions...
- Captured on national televsion.


Late Rounders 

Follow behind the scenes with 5 college graduates as they attempt to battle their way into the most popular game in the land.

On draft day, everything is at stake. Many players won't make the 1st 2nd or even the 3rd draft rounds, and must face a world without football for the first time in their lives.

Late Rounders follows a group of college football stand-outs as they begin their quest to make the 53-man roster of an NFL football team. Late Rounders is a documentary chronicling the off-field battles of the NFL draft.


Dynamic Studio Content

40-50% of viewers stay tuned in to hear analysis & lockerroom comments after a good game.

Consistantly pushing out dynamic, high-energy studio content with recognizable former players & coaches is key to keeping those viewers!